As you are aware, there is global preparation and containment measures being taken around the COVID-19 virus. With the situation changing on a daily basis we wanted to make sure we made the best decisions possible given the right information. Please visit our COVID-19 page for more information on what Lacombe Foundation is doing in this situation.

Lacombe Foundation provides safe and affordable housing to seniors and families in Lacombe County. Holding to the belief that “everyone needs a home,” Lacombe Foundation strives to provide housing to those who need it the most.

Everyone needs a home; a place to belong; a place of safety and security; a place that gives them roots, stability, and a feeling of worth; a place that assures them of their human dignity; a place to feel relaxed and comfortable; a place to entertain family and friends; a place to maintain their independences and make their own choices; a place they can take pride in. Our vision is to become the best housing provider in the province!

In 2011, Lacombe Foundation partnered with The Bethany Group to assume management functions for the Foundation while reporting to the Board of Directors. 

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